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Zwei, like Icarus, is very much unknown. It is believed that he only answers to Icarus directly and Ein. His close-range and long-range combat and leadership skills are formidable, as demonstrated during the attack on CHERUB campus that he co-ordinated with Ein - it is a safe assumption that he has had some sort of specialist training.

It is unknown whether his loyalty was bought, genuine or if he was brainwashed.

Physical appearenceEdit

Zwei's physical appearence is largely unknown. It is believed that he is either of Caucasian or Oriental descent. He has straight black hair that, according to witnesses from the campus attack, he has slicked back out of his face. Nothing is known of his face, as he wore a mask similar to that of Icarus for the duration of the attack.

He stands at around six feet tall, and is heavily built. It is reported that he has a light, somewhat nasal voice, but this is not confirmed. What is known is that he is somewhat resistant to moderate levels of pain.


In-depth knowledge of Zwei's personality is unavailable. It is known that he was ruthless during the assault, and held little distinction between killing adults and minors. Since he is apparently a leader in the organisation, he has considerable strategic ability, often using threats to extract information. It is known that he does not lightly waste ammunition.

Role in OrganizationEdit

It is believed that Zwei answers to Ein, but beyond that his role is unknown. Considering he used a facemask, as opposed to the more functional face cover that the other commandos used, it is also believed that his role is a major one, possibly even third-in-command. Nothing further is known.