The RP is staffed by a 'The RP Team' who are a combination of CF mods, and members who have helped develop the RP. The job of the whole team is to help develop and improve the RP, by running missions, creating new ideas and generally housekeeping, such as approving applications to keeping the place ticking over.

The team is split into two - RP Moderators and RP Assistants. RP Moderators (RPMs) are the team of people who are members of the forum staff - with the standard moderating abilities they are responsible for making sure that everybody places nicely and are responsible to the rest of the CF Moderators and Admins for the running of the RP. RP Assistants (RPAs) are active RP-ers who join the team to help run the RP - they help develop ideas and run missions and generally help around the place where they can! RPAs are chosen by The RP Team either outright or by an election called by The RP Team.

The current RP team consists of the following people:



Krackerz and Tex .

The job of these guys is to help drive the development and running of all of our missions - they are tasked with the creation of missions from the very start right through to running the mission and helping the story pan out. If you have any ideas for missions or what to get in touch about missions they these are your guys.

People and PlacesEdit

Alex (Blackrose) .

The job of this person is to make sure that all of our character applications are in top shape and that all characters are suitable for the RP. They are also responsible for making sure that all threads created, be this on campus or off, are well formed with good descriptions in their openings. If you have a question about your character or any of the thread scenarios being created, get in touch with Alex.


Fizzylly and James.

These people are the front-line people in the RP - reading all the threads, keeping them clean from spam (and making sure you write full paragraphs!) as well as driving the stories along and keeping members up-to-date! They really are the bit-of-everything guys! They are also in charge of keeping you up-to-date in The CHERUB Chronicle. Get in touch with them for any of your questions you may have!