869 is currently occupied by Mike Lee.


Mike's room is fairly ordinary. His walls are green and he has lots of posters of Harley Davidson motorbikes. A double bed takes up a large amount of room. On his desk is an Apple computer and a mass of homework. He has his eletric guitar on display so that who-ever enters will see it. He has a 50 inch plasma HD TV hanging over his desk so that it is opposite his bed. he also has a PS3 hooked up and a few games. Next to that is a small cabinet stacked with DVDs and Blu-rays. These range from Shawshank, to The Fast and the Furious, to Paranormal Activity. His cricket bat, a Puma Calibre 5000, sits in a corner with his cricket bag. His window looks out onto the campus grounds. on his balcony is a chair and tables with a ladder that leads to the roof.