835 is currently occupied by Kris Tanner.


Kris's room is fairly messy, and prefers not to clean it. He usually has homework and spray paint stencils sprayed acroos his desk, which is in the corner of his room, accompanied by a small Apple Mac computer and keyboard.
His walls are greyish-brown colour named Squirrel tail, and they are filled with street art psoters of Banksy's many famous pieces, some Space Invader pieces and a 2012 Motorcross Calendar.

His bed is fairly big, being a Queen-Size, and is usually left in a mess, with sheets in all different directions, pillows on the floor, and lot's of different things.

The room is usually clean enough, but when Kris wants it dirty, it becomes dirty at an alarming rate.

He has an MP3 stereo on his bedside cabinet, which is where he keeps his spray paint cans and stencils.

There is also a door at the far side of the room which leads to a balcony overlooking the countryside, which has a pair of sun loungers and a small-ish table in the middle.

He also has a desk at the front of the room with a very recent Apple Mac which he uses for homework, and a Alienware laptop for casual use, along with internet gaming, which he usually uses if the Xbox in the lounge is being used, or is broken.