723 is currently unoccupied. Until recently, it was the home of Tristan Weinberg.


Tristan's room, in structural integrity, is the same as every other CHERUB's room, Large double bed in one corner, corner desk workbench in the the other, a large corner sofa facing the TV for people to sit on and a bathroom. The overall lay out of his room creates an open space in the centre for anything to be put down there.

Tristan's desk was typical, school books and a laptop. However Tristan's work bench he'd spent hours on creating was unique, it contained a custom chemistry set, a microscope, various stainless steel instruments and a sink. Above it was also a shelf stacked with the complete works of Medicine (or as much as he could fit on at least) He was like a private doctor, just with less med school prep and less legality.

Although rather lazy by nature, he likes to keep his room clean, his shoe's neatly place at the end of his bed and his clothes hung up and ironed in his wardrobe.

His walls are typically coloured, however posted on them was a mix of medical diagrams and art work he'd probably got of his friend J.D. He also has a small pinboard above his desk, with a series of "to-do" lists and important experiments he'd been conducting.