722 is currently occupied by Kenny Angel


Kenny's room is most distinguished by it's smell. It reeks of a petrol station and worse in there - a result of all the flammable things he messes around with. The walls are completely bare and whitewashed, save for a few scorch marks from where Kenny messes around a bit. His clothes are scattered all over the floor, and his desk is a complete mess - he keeps his Apple tech at one end, and his homework at the other, but it's never neatly arranged.

A 45 inch plasma screen hangs from the wall opposite the king size bed, hooked up to a 360 and a Blu-ray player. His games and DVDs are piled unceremoniously next to it. Probably the most worrying thing about the room is the two shelves mounted to the right of the television. On the top shelf there is stacked a lot more lighter fluid, deoderant, air freshener and other things with conspicuous orange FLAMMABLE warnings on them than one person could ever hope to use. On the bottom shelf is stacked, unusually neatly, Kenny's collection of Zippos - he's never bothered to count them, but there are hundreds of the things there.