Room 720 is currently occupied by Selene Aello.


Selene's abode is an odd one to say the least. The walls are painted black, with silver paint dabbed upon it in varying spiraling patterns. Dotted around, with no apparent order, are numerous posters...From obscure bands to films, to popular artistic prints.

Probably one of the first things that becomes apparent is the lack of clutter that normally frequents a teenage bedroom. It's almost sacrily neat. The vast majority of her books were neatly stacked upon the twin bookshelves, situated in the oppisite corners of the room. Her large, stainless-steel desk rests just before the black-curtained window; the surface is mostly clear; with just a neat pile of folders which contain her copious amounts of homework and her sleek laptop marring the the surface.

Her bed is always made, with a black throw and five squashy silver pillows that are arranged carefully each morning. Right beside the door, rests her prized pocession: her piano. The most expensive thing that she own, it took her months to save up enough money to purchase it.

The room is almost always devoid of natural light; the black curtains are always firmly drawn, obscuring the 'plesant' view of the lake. Slene much prefers the softer artificial light that emits from the various retro lamps that she has positioned around the large-ish room.