615 is currently occupied by Penelope Turner


Penny's room is how all young punk's rooms should be! This punk bedroom interior shows the beautiful play between dark and bright theme. The wall within this punk bedroom is presented in light ambience, by shading in white color, decorated with straight line in red color until the ceiling as well as the white color. While the floor is presented in dark brown and finished in wood material. The bedding collection is also presented in dark brown color, makes a contrast with light theme of the wall. Beside her bed is a little drawer that has her ipod dock on top of it nearly all the time.

There are posters of Penny's favourite idols, like Avril lavigne, Pink and Ke$ha. The first thing that you proably notice is the drum set near her oak desk, that has her computer on it, complete with webcam, microphone and other techno stuff. There is a large TV and a mini fridge close to her bed. The TV has a little drawer under it that is just crammed with video games, some not even played before.

To keep with the dark and light theme. She has a big grey sofa and a lighter red chair.She has a great view of the campus but her grey curtains are usually closed and the only light she gets is from her black lamps.

Her bathroom is quite clean. Her cabinet is only full of cosmetics that haven't been tested on animals and her collection of hair extensions.

The room is always tidy even though Penny seems like the sort of person to mess it up most of the time. Her bed is always made and she makes sure everything is in it's proper order