Operation Jungle Fever





"What will be happening then? Well all you lucky cherubs are going to dropped into the jungle, and between you you'll have a water canteen each, 2 compasses and 2 sets of instructions, one in Russian and one in French. I hope you're friendly with people who can speak those languages, otherwise you're going to have a bad time.

I will provide a set of instructions at the top of the thread, in English, however only those who can speak the language may tell others what it says. Unless you're repeating what someone has told you.

Bit of teamwork eh? But now comes the fun part. These instructions will act as guides to checkpoints, on these checkpoints you will be required to complete team challenges. We'll see how it goes. Between stands random events may also occur. You never know when it might storm over in the jungle, so be prepared.

Don't forget this is a team exercise, so don't just say "I completed the challenge all by myself, I am the greatest, I don't need my team, I bossed them all around and they did exactly as I said." All in one post, otherwise prepare for me to smite you down in the RP. Royally.

So Ladies and Gentleman, prepare yourselves, as things are going to get a little intense. Tension will rise, friendships will be strained, body's will be bruised and you're all going to get very... VERY wet."


  • Michi Vulcan
  • Kenny Angel
  • Amy Flash
  • Marie Wood
  • Keria Hunt


Event in progress ~ more to come.

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