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Map of the compound. Flag markers shown.


A ten person Capture-The-Flag scenario, based on a small deserted compound. It measures 350 metres in length and 200 metres in width. The landscape is dotted with partially run down buildings, some of which contain ammunition refills and extra munitions inside.

In order to claim victory, one team must be in possession of both their flag and the opposition team's flag, both held at their base.


Red TeamEdit

Blue TeamEdit


The event is underway!.

Both the Blue and Red teams were dropped off at their respective bases, with the Red team taking the quick initiative with their captain Kris Tanner heading straight for buildings he'd persumably scouted out and suspected to contain iteams of interest beforehand. The Blue team however had a much slower start and decided to group up first before going out and doing anything rash, this gave agents like Kenny Angel time to set up in the three story building overlooking the entire compound and gain the tactical advantage.

Blue team captain Michi Vulcan decided to go off on her own as she was sick of standing around and craved action. She quickly came across Alexander Andersonn who was rushing around madly, after a breif firefight in which Alex was shot, and the 'first blood' of the game, Michi recieved her first hit in the form of a shot to leg from Kenny acting as a sniper. Michi quickly escaped down a series of ally ways going out of sight.

In retaliation for a previous encounter during which she had broken three of his ribs, Kenny emptied an entire clip at Selene Aello, with most shots hitting their target. Selene's reponse was to personally go to Kenny and kill him - in his attempt to escape, Kenny left via the third storey window and, after being shot by Selene, fell most of the way, re-breaking his rib.