New Year's Eve 2011 was a major event on campus event which resulted in the Main Building being caught in a fire. It took place following a party hosted on the top floors of the Main Building on New Years Eve 2011.


During the New Years party that was taking place on the 8th floor of the main building, the fire alarm was raised after a fire started, apparently on the ground floor. The fire quickly spread up the stairwells, and damaged much of the upper floors, in particular floor 7. While nobody was ultimately killed, the evacuation of the building was chaotic, and nearly resulted in several serious injuries when some of the more unlucky agents were rendered immobile by their injuries. An illicit party at the campus lake was called off so that help could be rendered to the cherubs in the main building.


After several days, it turned out that the fire had in fact begun in the archive room, where the large mass of paper and the dry air resulted in a large scale fire in a relatively short time. Further investigation placed the blame solely on pyromaniac Kenny Angel. However, a recovered CCTV film showed that it had actually been accidental - Kenny had attempted to light a cigarette while apparently standing next to a leaking gas main. The resulting jet of flame caused the paper to ignite.


  • Several cherubs ended up suffering from smoke inhalation, and other relatively minor injuries.
  • Around half of the sleeping space on the main building was destroyed, resulting in several beds in the junior block and empty rooms being requisitioned.
  • Tristan Weinberg, in an ill fated attempt to save his flammable chemicals so the entire building wasn't destroyed, was partly deafened by an explosion caused by one of his items. He was later forced to retire due to his compromised hearing.
  • Kenny Angel narrowly escaped expulsion on the basis that the fire had been accidental. However, due to his unauthorised access to the archive floor and negligence that nearly cost lives, he was subjected to three months of ditch digging and a five month mission ban.