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Physical DescriptionEdit

Lunar has wavy black hair, with red streaks in which goes to her waist. She has green eyes. She mostly wears long sleeve t-shirts to hide the scars on her arms, and also jeans and leg ins. She mostly wears, Navy, black, white, grey and indigo pieces of clothing, she occasionally wears red. She also likes dresses, which are mainly from blue banana.


Lunar never really had much to do with her family, she mostly locked herself in her room and just lay on her bed for hours on end, there was no reason for this, she just hated their guts. Until one day there was a fire in the home Lunar hid under her duvet and phoned the fire brigade, unfortunately it took them 1 hour to respond. By this time Lunar had smashed her window and escaped. She ran away from her home and vowed never to return back to it. A few weeks later she spotted a discarded newspaper on the concrete floor where she had been sleeping. It was loitered with information about her family, and how they had died. It also had information about Lunar, and how she had just vanished. This was when Lunar became depressed and ended up taking drugs. She was brought to CHERUB for her superb fighting skills, which were shown when she beat up a man who tried to snatch her drugs after she refused to sell them to him because his price offer was too low. She was brought to CHERUB, and passed basic training on her first attempt.


Lunar is very depressed, she occasionally slits her wrists, and she is extremely shy, and often unsociable. She won't approach any one, unless she is friends with them, or they approach her. Every other weekend she often goes into the town, and buys drugs illegally. She prefers solitude. She has regular ongoing sessions with her councilor. On very rare occasions she tries to feel and be happy, she never does homework and she never concentrates in lessons. She loves music, and it isn't depressing music. She is, in short, an emo.


Lunar is currently in a relationship with Kris Tanner, it has been commented that it is a very 'strange' relationship.