"You a veggie? I don't mind. As long as the person hasn't got physcopathic tendencies, I'm happy to be in the same room as them." - Kris Tanner

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Physical DescriptionEdit

Kris has Chestnut coloured hair, which is mostly kept unkempt. He has piercing blue eyes and quite pale looking skin, from living in Russia most of his life. He is 6”5, and is a strong build and quite muscly. He usually wears a pair of ripped Hollisters, a decent polo shirt and a Super Dry hoodie, or whatever he can buy in the shops. When he has to go to Mission Control or the chairman, he wears his best: a black CHERUB shirt, with neatly ironed and cleaned cargo shorts. Kris isn’t much for fashion, but is more casual, even though he sometimes wears popular brands of clothing.


His Father was in the Vympel (Pennant) group in the Russian Spetsnaz, which was a KGB counter terrorist unit who were involved in the Cold war. He also fought in the Chechnyan War, where he met Kris’s mother, and fell in love with her, and kept her safe while he fought. They had Kris many a year later, but Kris’s father was sent to the front lines to fight, and was KIA within three weeks, leaving Kris’s mother to bring him up herself. She died in 2001, when she was giving birth to Kris’s baby sister. He was taken back to England by a nice couple that helped Kris and his sister, now 1, to find a Care home in England. He was always known for slipping out of the Care Home’s Curfew, and found he walking the dark streets of London at night when two men attacked him. Thanks to his father, Kris had learnt some self-defence techniques, and stunned the attackers long enough for a CHERUB Staff member to pass by and see that Kris had potential, and later, in 2004, he was inducted into CHERUB, while his sister was taken care of by some of the other CHERUB staff, in a medical ward on campus.


Kris is quite quiet and sullen, but can be friendly if he tried. He is a fan of Street Art, and has many posters of Banksy and Space Invader pieces. He is very artistic and got into trouble on campus for spray painting all over the Accommodation Block. He wishes to become a professional Street Artist when he leaves CHERUB, and hopes to set up his own gallery. He is currently studying an Art A Level, along with Chemistry, Physics and Russian.


Kris is currently in a relationship with Lunar Evans, it has been commented that it is a very 'strange' relationship.