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Emilia Lockheart


Like Icarus, not a lot is known about Ein, however it would appear she is the right hand of Icarus, someone who does his dirty work and is under his direct command. She was first sighted during the First Phase of Operation Icarus in which she is believed to be the one responsible for killing John Sheffield and many of his associates from 'The Checkers'.

It is unclear whether her loyalty to Icarus is through brainwashing or is bought by money, however she is an extremely skilled combatant in both close range and long distance which leads us to believe she must have some form of military training.

Physical appearanceEdit

Ein appears to be in twenties from recollection from witnesses of the day when Icarus and his Organisation attacked CHERUB campus. She has a very sleek figure, much a-kin to a gymnast, she is reasonably soft spoken however it is believed that that was an act. He real tone of voice is much colder, suggesting some form of emotional detachment.

Witnesses believe she has Black hair, however this is unconfirmed as it was reported she also had Blond hair at some stage. There has yet, been no-one come forward with a facial description as it was believed she wore some form of fake prosthetics to hide any memorable features.


Ein's true personality is unknown. From what we have seen she is ruthless, cold, calculating and manipulative. It is unclear whether she is a puppet of Icarus or simply a follower who believes in his ideals. When acting she has the ability to take on any personality it would appear.

Role in OrganisationEdit

It would appear Ein's role in Icarus's organisation is that of his right hand woman. She is his closest ally, as it would appear he personally entrusts her with the more delicate matters like removing key targets. It has been noted that she is more trusted than her associate Zwei for reasons that are unclear as of yet.