Libby, along with her two younger siblings (Lola - 7 and Ed - 5) had lived with there elderly grandparents on the family farm in rural island from a young age. Libby and Lola had been staying with there grandparents while there mother and father were in hospital for the birth of Ed. Complications with the birth mean Libby's mother had to be rushed to surgery which very sadly she did not recover from. She died when Ed was a few hours old. There father had also had trouble growing up and this was too much for him and he took his own life one week after Ed was born. Libby, Lola and Ed were brought up on the farm by Grandpa Joe and Grandma Carrie.

After 6 moths of trying to cope with settling into a new school - Grandpa Joe passed away. He'd been very old - Libby was only 9 and tried to look after little baby Ed, Lola and Grandma but Grandma was slowly loosing her memory and was admitted to a care home. The three children were sent to a specialist children's home that catered for siblings. Libby was admitted to cherub just after her 10th birthday - Ed and Lola followed in 2011.

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