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Physical Description Edit

Brian stands at 5.4, and has normal lenght, spiked brown hair, along with his light brown eyes. He also has pale skin, that contrasts with is hair. In his arm, he also has a scar from a shotgun bullet. He is slightly built, but he has some fat in his belly that he would gladly get rid of. You can usually find him wearing a T-shirt or a sweatshirt, a pair of jeans and his favourite pair of sneakers. He isn’t the most attractive boy around, but he his very nice and polite, which makes him look good around girls, although he isn't aware of this.


He was born in Scotland, in Edinburgh, but his mother got a job offer in England when he was 2 years old, and they came to Liverpool. His father worked in a radio station, and his mother made scripts and apps for big computer companies. Being their only son, he had everything we wanted, but still, he was taught very well, and all the toys and gifts didn’t spoil him. His life was very, very good, until one day, his mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. They spent all of their money in treatments, but still, his mother died. He was 9 when that happened. 7 months later, to pay their bills, his father got in the drug business. When everything started to become normal again for Brian, the worst happened: some drug dealers stormed in their house, and killed his father with a shotgun. Brian managed to survive, only with a bullet on his arm. He went to a foster home, and there some older kids tried to bully him, but they stopped after the first week, because Brian threated to hack into their Email accounts. An agent noticed this, and recruited him, because he thought that Brian had lots of potential on the computer’s field.

Personality Edit

Brian is quite shy, but he loves to make friends (although he doesn't have many). Brian has a very low self-esteem, mainly because his lack of friends. He often has flashbacks and nightmares about the night when he lost his parents, but he tries to hide it from others agents. He often skateboards whenever he has those flash. It is his way of relaxing.